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You Can Track Almost Everything Your Kids Do Online. Here’s Why That May Not Be a Good Idea

Tell your ex you have ParentTrack and stop such games in their tracks. ParentTrack TM - Mobile Tracking It's often the case that parents want to track the location of their children, but what about children of separated families who want to know where their parents are? Talking with children on their level uncovers some very basic desires.

Parent Track - Accuracy ParentTrack TM is typically accurate to around 10 metres, but it does depend on how much sky you can see, and the type of mobile phone that you have. ParentTrack TM ensures that your children can always find you If you would like to know more about ParentTrack TM please don't hesitate to give us a call on Independant Location Verification "You failed to turn up to collect the children All Rights Reserved.

Enhanced potential of phone tracking and locating with mSpy Phone Tracker

Wind Direction: ENE o , 7 mph. Sunrise: Z. Sunset: Z. This is also a very reliable child monitoring app which literally translates the whole online activity to a parent.

Commentary: Should you install a tracking app on your kids' phones?

Parents can view websites and social media. They can prevent a child from online risks like cyberbullying, child sexting etc. Available on both, iOS and Android devices, the family tracker is free of charge. Panic Button, task manager, GPS tracking and geo-fencing features are all included in the free version of the app.

Mama Bear is a great tracking app for teenage kids and their parents. You can set the app to alert you when your teen begins to speed or even if they are texting while driving. Mama bear family tracking app is available for Android and iOS devices. Family Tracker is certainly one of the oldest apps on this list, but it is still popular because it is effective.

This family tracking app functions just like the others, but whereas other apps on this list focus on in-app messaging, Family Tracker pushes information through as notifications. This makes it a much more streamlined process, and it is a more effective way to get important updates about your family members and where they are.

The app has features like stealth ping, web service, geofencing, global access, history log and location grabbing. There is a free version available for iOS devices only but the duration is limited to 2 weeks only. Family tracker is available for iOS and Android. With Karavan, you can easily create secure groups with just a password or invitation. Once you make a group on Karavan, you can see everyone in your group on the map in real-time.

You can drop pins for the entire group to see, easily get directions to pins or other users through Google Maps or Apple Maps at the tap of a button. What sets Karavan apart from other location apps, is how it puts the user back in control of their privacy.

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You can easily change who can see your location by joining a different group. You can download Karavan family tracker directly from app store.

Should Parents Track Their College Kids On Smart Phones?

Life is another family tracking app that is available on iOS , Android and Microsoft devices. Users can break up individuals into different circles, whose locations can be tracked and managed at any time. So turn off location services before you go out, turn it back on when you get back.

2. Risks of leaking private data

The best answer is to have an adult conversation with your parents about boundaries, trust, and respect. That said, I don't know your history, but to prevail in such a conversation you better have the right history to have earned said trust and respect. Reactions: ventmore , bhodinut , HeadphoneAddict and 7 others.

EEMAN13 macrumors member. Nov 15, 38 I'm also curious to know why you were out until 2am. Reactions: confirmed , Glideslope , Gutwrench and 18 others. Ladybug macrumors Apr 13, 1, Get a part time job and purchase your own phone and plan would be my choice. While the parents may be a bit overbearing as you say because you are 21, as long as they pay your bill you have to be willing to compromise some.

At 21 you should be able to pay your own cell bill. Not the answer you seek, but another choice still. Reactions: Glideslope , josephd , hbmex and 1 other person.

Krayzkat Suspended. Apr 22, 1, EEMAN13 said:. Reactions: JayJohnPaul , robduckett14 and Christoffee. Oct 25, 9. Reactions: Christoffee. Oct 26, 6, 2, Get your own phone, phone bill and place to live. Reactions: willmtaylor , robduckett14 , cdcastillo and 8 others. Landslide macrumors newbie. Dec 3, 1 0. What model of iPhone and what version of iOS? There are jailbreak tweaks to do just what you need.

How much does smartphone parental control software cost?

These apps for parents that can monitor phone use, location, and My Kids" Footprint app helps you keep track of and automatically locate. mSpy is the top used cell phone tracking app worldwide, according to For parents of new drivers and parents of teens with friends who have.

Strider64 macrumors a. Dec 1, 2, Suburb of Detroit. I glad I had pretty relax parents who trusted me.

Parent Track - How it works

I once remember partying all night and walking in at am just as my father was walking out the door to his job. All he said to me was "You work today? I said "yes" while still feeling pretty buzz. All he said was "Have a nice day at work" and the way he said it was you better go to work or else. I had a good paying job and could had afford to be on my own. However, I still lived at home for rent was cheap and I could save money. Though I still laugh at that confrontation.

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OurPact Gets kids involved. Read our full Screen Time review. Still, if you don't feel a need to read your kids' text messages, then Kaspersky Safe Kids is well worth considering. Regardless which operational system the device you need to monitor runs on, Pumpic is a reliable child tracking solution that each concerned parent should consider using. I use Pumpic monitoring software on iPhone now and with it, parenting is much easier for me.